sobota, 3 września 2011

Every time I think I have finally forgotten you - there you are right back in my life to remind me. Yet still, there are times when I wish you had picked me. You had the simple choice all to yourself- me or her. The ball was completely in your court. We were both recently out of relationships, which made everything fresh and exciting again, but when she wanted you - you didn't just go running back, you sprinted. It all happened so fast you left me no time to react. I think you did it out of impulse because I know you regret it from time to time. But there it was, despite our undeniable connection, you picked her.
This is to the guy that I cannot seem to erase.

3 komentarze:

  1. życiowy opis... czy wszystko musi być teraz napisane nie po polsku? : )

  2. yo I miss my past

  3. może to co napiszę jest tendencyjne...ale jednak coś w tym jest...
    love conquers all
    i chyba się nie pomyliłam...prawda???